The KXN is the further development of the input electrolytic series KXG/ KXJ/ KXL.

The aim was to reduce the dimensions of the new series, or to be able to offer a significantly higher ripple current and more capacity in the same case size. The capacitance range offered is from 15 to 180µF.

R52, an X2 EMI Suppression series, is a first-to-market solution that offers high capacitance, extended stability in harsh environments, more board space, and lower costs for engineers. KEMET, today announces its new R52 series of compact polypropylene film X2 EMI (electromagnetic interference) suppression capacitors. This series fulfills the growing need of automotive, industrial, consumer, and energy applications ...

PROSPERITY DIELECTRIC CO., LTD. (PDC) presents the expansion of its new safety-certified ceramic SMD capacitors of the FH and FK series. These safety capacitors were developed for immunity to overvoltages or lightning strikes and to suppress interferencies.