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RJ Connectors


Since 2010, we have been supplying well-known telecom and industrial customers with modular connectors, also known as RJ sockets, throughout Europe. RJ connectors were introduced in the 1970s by Bell Laboratories in the USA as telephone connectors and were standardised by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC Part 68) in 1976.

"RJ" stands for Registered Jack (standardised socket). The connector also became known as the Western plug or Western modular plug (Modular Jack) because the American telephone company Western Electric used some RJ connector versions on a large scale and contributed to their distribution.

Today, RJ connector systems are used in high-speed networking and Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45), but also as a low-cost resilient signal connector. The best-known RJ plugs are RJ10, RJ11, RJ12, RJ14 and RJ45, which differ in the number of contacts.

The connectors and sockets are available in different designs, shapes and with different numbers of contacts. The number specifies the connector type, the additions P and C designate the possible contact positions or the actually equipped contacts.

RJ sockets use an injection-moulded single- or multi-part plastic housing that encloses the metal contacts. The individual contacts are separated from each other by positively driven insulating channels and have a springy effect due to their geometry.

Despite its age, the RJ connector remains popular outside of telephone systems because it is a simple and cost-effective connector solution. The connector is spring loaded, interlocked and extremely cost effective.

For high-speed telecom applications, in data networks, PoE (Power over Ethernet), we also offer RJ45 in shielded versions, with or without integrated transformers.

Otherwise, the RJ sockets are available in a wide variety of versions:

  • single port or multiport Version
  • shielded, partially shielded or unshielded
  • with or without EMI springs
  • with or without LED
  • with or without transformer
  • SMD, THT or THR
  • various colours (also customised possible)

If no jack from the wide standard range meets your requirements, we can offer you customised RJ jacks. These can be quickly implemented due to an already existing wide product range.

Samples, price quotations, delivery options at short notice, as well as further information can be obtained via the contact form or from your known contact Person.

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